The Differences Between Brochure And Static Sites

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Apart from dedicated eCommerce websites, there is also the ability to not have the ecommerce part and there are two variations of this. The first is to have a basic static website and the other is to have a brochure website.

What Is A Static Website?

A static website is the cheapest and most basic website that you can have, it gives you a entry level into the world of the web. This type of site is just HTML that allows you to promote your products or services that you provide and will let customer be able to contact you via a simple call back form.

The content that is on the website is only changeable by changing the code and nothing can be changed by you on the website as it does not come with a CMS.

What Is A Brochure Website?

The brochure website is a more advanced non ecommerce solution, this type of website can also promote your products and services but this solution comes with a content management system which allows you to change the content and images on the website as well as change the order of the pages.

You are also able to add functions onto the site such as a newsletter sign up which allows you to capture customer contact details which you can use in future marketing strategies. It is also possible for you to provide the user with a search function on the website giving the user the ability to search for anything specific that they are after.

For more information on how we can provide you with the website that you are looking for, whether you need a professional eCommerce solution or a brochure/static design, please contact our sales team.

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