The Importance Of White Space In Website Design

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Although often overlooked, one of the most important graphic design elements of every good website design is the use of white space.

What Is White Space?

The term 'white space' refers to the negative, or blank space on any web design. This, however, doesn't need to be 'white', its simply a graphic design term for space, whatever colours are used throughout the design.

Why Is White Space Essential To Web Design?

Good use of white space will give balance and proportion to the design, resulting in a website design with professional results. If you make a lot of use of white space, you will result in a more elegant or up market look.

Here at Advansys, our eCommerce design team understand the importance of white space in graphic design and ensures to use it well across all website and ecommerce website solutions.

Take a look at our ecommerce design portfolio for some great examples of design using successful white space.

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