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Choosing the right platform for your ecommerce solution is a more complicated procedure than initially believed to be. Cookie cutter solutions are not the best option as all ecommerce businesses and goals vary; therefore a more bespoke service should be selected but first, it's important to determine what your online business will require.

The main features of an ecommerce solution normally consist of online shopping features like shopping carts, checkouts, shipping and handling and high security payment systems. There is also the integration of your standalone ecommerce website with other online selling platforms like eBay and Amazon. Good ecommerce solutions should provide a feature that streamlines all your online processes through management systems like content (CMS), order (OMS) or warehouse (WMS) for example. Again this depends on your business.

What to Consider for Your Ecommerce Platform Search

One report listed the following guidelines for selecting the right platform for your ecommerce solution.

  • Treat your search as a system selection project. Ecommerce is an integral part of your multichannel business.
  • Develop your vision of what you want from your website. E.g. how it should look, function, your growth objectives and target audience.
  • Define your requirements.
  • Determine the degree of customisation and flexibility you may want.
  • Keep integration requirements in mind.
  • Seek a vendor you can partner with.

The last bullet point in particular is important for those who are unfamiliar with ecommerce and require support and advice that they can trust. When partnered with the right ecommerce solution provider you can be confident that you're receiving the best service that contributes to your overall business goals.

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