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When working on the design of your website its good to see what's already out there in the world, and get some good website design inspiration for what you want to do with your own design. People sometimes see this as copying, however it's purely a way to see what you like, and to get the best idea possible.

Website designers and developers do this frequently, and would recommend this technique. I have put together a list of ideas where you can go to get that all important inspiration for your website design.

Looking For Web Design Inspiration? Follow These Handy Tips!

  • Take the time to research your main competitors' website designs. Make sure that you note down what you think is good about the site, what you think is bad and which components really stand out.
  • A great technique is to actually go a little further afield and do some general website design research - even on sites which aren't necessarily related to your industry. In fact, Google is a great tool to use when undergoing this research - just search for any terms that you're interested in, and see what techniques remain the same and which differ between the sites you visit.
  • Make notes about the use of colour, image placement and the length, style and format of text. This information will be invaluable when it comes time to create your own site - it is also a good idea to note down the web address itself, or take a screenshot of the web page itself.
  • Don't just look at the internet either - you can take anything from real-world objects to physical storefront designs.
  • Check out the portfolio's of web design agencies, especially experienced ones, and see how web design has changed over the past few years.

Choose Advansys For Professional Web Design In The UK

Now you will have lots of things you like and would like to use on your website design. Very often you will find you like more than one idea and not sure what to do. With this task its important to know what the intentions of your ecommerce website (or corporate) is, and use the inspiration wisely. Don't just use an idea because it looks good, use what you need and what your customers want from your website.

Once you know what you want, come to Advansys and we can design a website for you exactly the way you want it. If your still stuck for ideas and don't know what to do, Advansys can help you get the perfect website solution. Check out our website design portfolio.

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