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When you're new to website design, it is common that you'll be tempted to fill every little piece of space on your website design with content. Empty space seems wasteful, but, in fact the opposite to this is true.

Web Design & Tip Spacing!

Spacing makes things clearer, cleaner, crisper and far more professional and stylish. In website design there are three aspects to space that you should consider; white space, line spacing and padding.

White Space

Possibly one of the most important elements of any good website design is the use of white space. The term white space refers to empty space on a website page (or negative space as it's sometimes called).
white space is used to give balance, proportion and contrast a page. lot of white tends make things much more elegant upmarket.

This "white space" does not need to be white - it's just a general design term.

For more information on white space refer to the previous blog titled "The Importance Of White Space In Design".

Line spacing

Line spacing in design terms is called leading. This term originates from the traditional process that printers used to separate lines of text, by placing bars of lead between each line.

When you lay out text on your design the space between the lines should be taken into consideration. The spacing can affect the overall look of the design, and readability of the text. Too little space between text will make your eye skip lines, and too much space will mean you will get lost when reading. You need to find a medium that will work well with the design.


Padding is the space between elements and text.

Typically with any website design, or corporate stationary, text should never touch other elements. Images, for example, should not be touching text, neither should borders or tables unless intentional.

The exception to the rule here is when text is part of a design element such as a banner or heading. Although, as a general rule, putting space between text and the rest of your website design makes it infinitely more readable and pleasant.

So if you want a professional website design that makes good use of spacing, contact the team at Advansys. We are website design specialists so with our expert advice we can make your dream design a reality. Check out our design portfolio.

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