What Are The Different Web Development Technologies?

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Website design and development technologies are used to build your eCommerce solution, but there is a wide range of web technology that could potentially be used. Two of the most commonly used are server-side web technologies and client-side technologies.

What Are Server-Side Technologies?

Sever side technologies are used to provide your ecommerce solution with various things such as the script language to integrate the website with the database, a good example of this is PHP scripting language. In conjunction with PHP a web development company will probably use something like MySQL which is a fast database management system that is useful for most websites that need database functionalities.

There are also technologies such as XML (software) and SSL (secure socket layer) which are key to ecommerce websites. SSL is one of the more important web technologies as these are secure servers that ensure that third parties cannot see important confidential data such as credit/debit card details.

What Are Client-Side Technologies?

One the other side there are client side technologies that are also used on ecommerce web solutions. Technologies such as XHTML which is a mark up language that arranges information so that it can be presented as a page on the web. This can ensure that the pages are fast to download and viewable on various browsers.

Other client side technologies such as Cascading style sheets (CSS) are used to control how web pages are displayed but you can also use JavaScript to make online solutions more interactive for the user.

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