Why Search Functions Are A Critical Part Of B2B eCommerce Solutions

Posted on 29 Jan 2015
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The inability to find a specific item is often regarded as the main reason for a visitor to leave an eCommerce site without having made the transition into a customer. In B2B eCommerce, however, it is more of an issue because buyers are typically looking for more information about the product, the specifications, shipping guidelines, et cetera, to ensure that your product is the best resolution to a problem of theirs.

By utilising expertly-designed B2B eCommerce solutions, such as those offered by Advansys, you can make it easier than ever for your customers to find exactly what they are looking for amongst your product catalogue.

Effective Search Functions

Taking advantage of B2B eCommerce solutions ensures that you are helping your customer to find the relevant information about a product, or about a problem they might be experiencing, which is the most critical aspect of converting a browsing user into a customer. By utilising a single site search, rather than multiple, specific site searches, you are enabling your users to get to the information, and the products, they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

A single site search simply means that by utilising one search bar your user can bring up information from anywhere on your website, by searching every piece of content and every repository attached to the site. Typically, the types of content vary between:

  • Product Content – This type of content tends to include product descriptions, images, attributes and specifications and often makes up the largest percentage of your business' content.
  • 'How To', or Application Content – This is content related to a product's use, such as step-by-step guides or basic instructions, and is often regarded as one of the main ways of convincing a potential customer that the product is right for them.
  • Marketing And Company Relevant Content – This type of content relates to information about the company, and can include information from 'About Us' categories, certain products or solutions and brochures
  • Product Literature – This type of content includes a product's Material Safety Data Sheet, which contains information about the potential hazards of the product and how to work safely with the product. Typically, these forms of content will take the form of PDF's, rather than text content, and as such are often harder to find without effective keywords attached to the PDF location.

Besides a single site search, or in accompaniment to it, there are several other ways in which you can make the process much easier for your user, including facets, which allow users to narrow results based upon certain qualifications they can impose onto their search, guided search and customized results, which recommend varying products depending on search or order history and search suggestions, which act in a similar fashion to Google's 'type-ahead search' functionality.

Effective Search Functions As A Critical Component Of A B2B eCommerce Solution

By making the process of searching for the desired product easier, you are not only likely to sell more products, as more and more users make the transition into customers, but you are also going to improve their experience with your website and, therefore, your brand.

At Advansys, we offer B2B eCommerce Solutions with a particular focus on search engine optimisation, both in wider search engines, like Google or Yahoo, or localised ones such as those within your website. By ensuring that customers can find your website, and your products, we ensure that your business can grow naturally into the exciting world of B2B eCommerce.

With bespoke and award-winning website designs and solutions, we are here to help you fully explore your business' potential with regards to the world of online retail. For more information, visit us, call us on 0845 838 2700 or email sales@advansys.com to let us begin building your business' intuitive and personalised web retailing platform toay.

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