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Getting the most out of your eBay integration is, for us, to ensure you are getting the most out of your ecommerce solution. eBay have recently added new functionality to their eBay system that can allow you to do a lot more with your products so we're set on making sure this is included in your eBay integration.

eBay integration improvements for higher conversions

You can relist and revise items, add item specifics and even assign a product to multiple categories. This is all to help you get your products noticed in the vast amount of similar products in that market. At Advansys we know how competitive the eBay market can be and how important it is to keep your products highly ranked so eBay can recognise that your products are popular and receive multiple reviews.

This is the similar to the work we can do for your ecommerce solution regarding Google. We can help you to get your website ranked in the highest pages in Google which will in turn give you high conversions and highly rated product reviews.

As an eCommerce Account Manager for Advansys I regularly hear from clients wanting the new eBay functionality added to their EMS. Making sure you can manage all your products in multiple marketplaces from one EMS is an important factor for us that separates our ecommerce solutions from those of our competitors. Most recently we have been rolling out this new functionality to our clients' ecommerce websites and received positive feedback.

ecommerce solutions and future improvements

We endeavour to keep our systems up-to-date with the latest functionality and to provide your ecommerce solution with the upmost fighting chance in the ecommerce industry. Whether your company is B2C or B2B we can help you to obtain the ecommerce website you need for your business.

If you are a new or existing client please contact us today on 0845 838 2700 or email us at sales@advansys.com to find out if your ecommerce solution can be enhanced.

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