Current Retail Issues Highlight Why Your Business Needs To Be Online Right Now

Posted on 24 Oct 2019
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As we're approaching closer to the Christmas shopping period, businesses are looking for ways that they can increase their sales during the holiday season. So, if your business doesn't currently have a website, or if you're looking to upgrade with a brand new website, get in touch with the talented team of eCommerce experts at Advansys and learn more about how our web design and development skills can help you to boost your sales and sell online.

The Issues Retail Is Facing In The Post-Brexit Vote, Pre-Brexit Society

As reported in the Daily Mail, “Retail experts predict spending on festivities will rise by just 0.8 per cent" not only is this less than the rate of inflation, but this is the slowest growth rate that has been for the past three years. With the issues the nation is facing regarding Brexit as many individuals and businesses feel the nation is 'stuck' in a post-Brexit Vote pre-Brexit society, there has been a fall in consumer confidence, and as such there is a lower expectation in earnings with regards to the pre-Christmas shopping period.

So with the issues the local high street is facing, what can your business do to sell more and help to keep products moving off the shelves? Is the secret to success online shopping? After all, in many ways people live their day-to-day lives online.

The Advantages Of Selling Online With A High Quality eCommerce Website

In our 21st century society many businesses have an online presence, including both eCommerce and social media. Thanks to applications such as Messenger and Twitter, it's now easier than ever to get in touch with local businesses, in many ways your local high street has moved into the palm of your hand, on your Smartphone. After all, in our digital world you can shop from a wide range of retailers all without needing to leave your sofa. The internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which makes it a fantastic opportunity for both businesses and customers. Your customers have an unparalleled level of convenience as they can shop from wherever they want, and you can reach a more geographically diverse audience.

Additionally,your customers can also pay with a wide range of different payment options.When shopping in a physical store on the high street, customers are limited to cash and certain cards, with some businesses only accepting cash. However,whilst online you have the option to provide a diverse range of payment options, including credit/debit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, or perhaps a crypto currency such as Bitcoin.

How To Maximise Your Online Presence? How Do You Attract More Customers?

If you're looking maximise your online presence there are many tools at your disposal to give your business and advantage over the competition. For example, you can use your customer service as a marketing tool. Through the use of instant messaging platforms such as Messenger or other social media tools, customers will be able to quickly contact your business with any questions or concerns they may have.This then allows you to utilise your customer service to either create a new customer or inspire a current customer to become a return customer.

Additionally, if you choose to embrace eCommerce, you can also utilise many digital marketing techniques, allowing you to attract visitors to your website from a potentially global audience. After all, you're not shackled to the same restrictions as a brick-and-mortar shop that's limited to the products and customers in their local area. When you're using eCommerce to sell online, you're able to reach anyone connected to the worldwide web. For example, you could use Pay Per Click Advertising (also known as PPC advertising) to increase traffic to your website, which if utilised correctly could help to increase conversions and sales.

How Can The Advansys Team Of Developers And Designers Help Your Business?

With over two decades of experience, the Advance team have the skills and talents required to create websites that are fast loading and functional, catering to a diverse range of industries including those involved in retail. We understand the importance of data security in our 21st century society, after all your customers need to feel comfortable entering their banking information whilst purchasing online. So, to provide both your business and your customers with peace of mind, if you choose an eCommerce website developed by the Advansys team, you'll be choosing a business that has achieved the highest level of compliance certification with the Payment Credit Card Industry Data Security Standard; PCI DSS Level 1

We can also help with regards to digital marketing. The Advansys team utilise professional SEO techniques, including an in-depth analysis of your entire website. Our team can provide a high quality digital marketing SEO copywriting service. However, if you would instead prefer to create your own content, we also offer high quality Search Engine Optimisation training.

Our team can also assist with web design, empowering your business with a professionally designed website, alongside our superb eCommerce websites. This is a fantastic choice if you (or your business) lack the required skill to design your own website. If you would like more information regarding how Advansys can help with regards to website design, you can learn more about the previous web design projects that we have worked on by browsing through our web design portfolio.

Simply put, here at Advansys, we feel that selling online is the best way to boost your business 'visibility and attract a diverse selection of customer; both new and current.

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