Top 10 Mistakes In Web Design Last 5

Posted on 17 Jan 2012
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Below is a list of the last 5 mistakes in web design, continuing from yesterday's post 'Top 10 Mistakes In Web Design First 5'. By making certain that you understand these common mistakes, you can endeavour to produce eCommerce websites which effectively avoids them, ensuring that your customers remain happy whilst on your website!

5 More Major Mistakes For eCommerce Websites

6) Low Search Engine Visibility – By far the most powerful way for customers to discover your ecommerce website is through search engines, because of this there are a few guide lines that are recommended. The page title contained within the HTML is nearly always what is displayed as a clickable link by the search engine. Make sure that this text is concise about what is contained on the webpage. Normally this title is followed by 60 words so make sure these are also important and descriptive. Finally the title text is usually what is used when a favourite is made so relevance to you eCommerce solution is key again.

7) Advert-Like Images – Customers over the years have learnt to avoid, distrust or ignore anything that looks like an online advertisement. The solution is to avoid pop ups, animated flashing or “eye catching" animations and typical advertisement positions and shapes. These are all a big turn off for the customer and as soon as they mentally realise it's an advert they will just switch off, ignoring all information contained no matter how important it is.

8) Design Inconsistency – This is one of the most crucial aspects of any ecommerce website if your website does not conform to website design rules and to what the customer expects then this can often aggravate them resulting them in leaving your site. Simple design conventions such as the logo always is the home button and having the search bar near the top right will avoid annoying the customer.

9) Web Browser Liberties – One of the more grey areas in ecommerce solutions design. Many times we have been told that when the customer clicks on a link that will navigate away from your site that it should be opened up in a new window. This is in fact more annoying to the customer than helpful as it makes them feel like your site is taking over their computer and giving them more to clean up. Many customers navigate backwards using the browsers back button, if a new tab has been opened this stops this from happening.

10) No Straight Answers, Contact Information Or Prices – these may seem obvious but there is nothing more annoying to a customer when they cannot find the simple information that they need such as prices or contact information. Increasingly websites try and hide contact information, which is a large deterrent to any new customer, as often they will check to see the contact information before placing and order. As for prices, this should be obvious if a client sees a price they like they will buy, if there is no price they will leave.

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