Climbing To The Top Of The B2B eCommerce Mountain (And Staying There!)

Posted on 05 Jan 2015
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Business to business online retail is a cut-throat industry, but if you ensure that your B2B eCommerce solution is professional, intuitive and user-friendly, you start off with a huge advantage over those who focus on other areas of the business and are still stuck in thinking that a website is an added bonus instead of a necessity for a contemporary business.

Climbing The B2B eCommerce Mountain!

Though the climb can be hard, and it is certainly daunting from the bottom, by equipping your business with the necessary features to conquer the mountain you are giving it the opportunity to begin the ascent. Those without these necessary features supplied in B2B eCommerce Solutions are equivalent to a mountaineer attempting to defeat Everest without ropes, crampons or oxygen.

  • Know Your Customer – If you know who frequents your business, or at least enough information to create a persona, then you can decide how to make your website and your buying process appeal more to that kind of person. Without this information, any changes you do decide to make to your site run the risk of alienating your customer. By introducing voluntary surveys, customer interviews and combining the responses to those sources with the business data you should already be harvesting, you can adjust your web design or the features offered in your B2B eCommerce solution to ensure that your retail process is as efficient for your buyer as possible.
  • Capturing Relevant Data – By making the most of 'journey maps', which follow your customer's journey across your site, you can track their progress and discover exactly where in your retail process you need to supply your customer with specific information or contextual offers in order to convince them to complete their purchase and make that all important transition from traffic to customer.
  • Create Relevant Content – The days of determined travelling salesmen are all but over, with as much as 70% of all buyers deciding on a product because of their own research and as little as 15% being persuaded by a sales team and the same again as a result of marketing. With B2B eCommerce solutions, content creation has replaced much of the sales department, and relevant, informative content is the key to securing a high conversion rate.
  • Optimise – The ways in which your customers interact with your business have evolved and, as such, the ways in which your business attempts to meet the needs of your buyers need to adapt as well. More than 50% of all retail traffic now originates from mobile devices like iPhones and Android Phones, iPads and Tablet PCs and, as such, a responsive design is required to ensure that your customers have a positive experience on your site; no matter what device they happen to be accessing it from. Your B2B eCommerce Solution needs to ensure that your site can be accessed from anywhere and from anything.

By understanding and addressing these factors, you can be sure to reach the peak in no time. Remember, B2B e-Commerce comes down to making certain that your customer has a positive experience with your company; that way they are more likely to use your business again and will no doubt trust you to fulfil ever-larger orders as their business grows. Trust us, yours will need to grow and adapt as your customers' companies do.

B2B eCommerce Solutions Are A Helping Hand

You wouldn't try to climb a mountain without an experienced guide, so why would you attempt to enter the ever-growing world of eCommerce without a professional B2B eCommerce solution, designed by a team of specialists to meet your business' needs. With years of experience in creating business-centric eCommerce platforms, here at Advansys we are committed to giving your business the eCommerce jump start it needs to start climbing the mountain of online retail.

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