What Is A Brochure Website And Why Do You Need One?

Posted on 25 Aug 2016
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We live in a digital age, even if you don't want to build an eCommerce website and sell products, there's no reason you can't take advantage of online traffic and provide your business with a surge of new customers/clients. Brochure website design is exactly that. For some businesses, an eCommerce website just isn't appropriate to your business model, as a professional web design company, we understand this. If you're interested in a website that will promote your products/services but you don't want to integrate an eCommerce platform into your website, here are a few reasons why you should opt for a brochure website.

  • Almost Everyone Is Online - A simple reason, but still nevertheless true. We live in a generation where almost every business has a website. If your business doesn't have a website or if your website is poorly optimised or is sparse in content, you're missing out on a range of opportunities. The World Wide Web recently turned 25; it's time to take advantage of the opportunity available and create a high quality website.

  • Advertising Opportunities - It's similar to a billboard advertisement, only it's sitting in the most high traffic area in the world, search engine results pages. Look at one of our clients, The Great British Grooming Co on their website you can see their range of products from beard oil to beard wash and even their beard growth serum. On their brochure website, their social media profiles are integrated and they also have a blog, this sends a lot of traffic towards their website, where they can learn more about their products.

    Instead of an online store, their “buy online" button will take you to a retailer who stocks their products. Not a store integrated within their website.

    By claiming your online space, you're gaining a lot of publicity. With the rising popularity of beards, how many people unsure on how to look after their beards will ask search engines for advice? There's a good chance a blog post from The Great British Grooming Co will come to their aid, which may result in a purchase.

  • Open 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week - Unlike other forms of getting information. The internet is always open. This is fantastic if you're looking to expand your audience. The internet is always open and can be everywhere at once, enabling you to reach a much larger audience. Jim in London can be reading a blog on your website at 8am and then later at 8pm Jane can be reading some product/service information in York.

  • Ideal For Service Focused Businesses - Often many businesses provide services, some of these can't be easily sold through a simple online transaction. Often the service you provide is different for every customer and one size fits all approach just isn't appropriate for the type of services you provide.

    This is where brochure website design really shines. Look at FineCal Labels. This website provides customers with all the information they need to make a decision, but instead of purchasing the product, they request a quote. With the nature of a label design/production business, each customer is different. Therefore every transition is different.

  • Easier To Update - A brochure website is very easy to maintain, unlike a static website. The content is easily updated. Which means you can very easily (with the assistance of a skilled copywriter) optimise your website for search engine results.

    We live in an age of information. Brochure websites, being very simple to update are a great way to share information with your customers. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing love it when websites frequently share relevant information. They want to provide a good user experience for bothbusinesses and consumers. The nature of a brochure website makes it a great candidate for various digital marketing techniques.

  • Far More Effective Than Social Media Alone - Whilst social media is a fantastic way to boost your online presence, you might not see that directly translate into sales. Social media is all about interacting with your audience and brochure websites are about informing your potential customers and converting them into customers/clients.

    This means that a brochure website and social media can combine into the ultimate engage and inform combo. Social captures their attention, whilst the brochure website gives them all the information they need. Ideally, the potential customer then thinks “wow! What a great business" and calls you for a quote or purchases your product from a retailer.

So What Can You Expect From Advansys Brochure Website Design?

You can expect your website to be completed to a high standard in a timely manner. We build brochure websites or a variety of different businesses, from office design to a dance school. Brochure websites can help generate leads; they are a powerful marketing tool. With a static website, your website is just there, it is not as simple to edit as a brochure website. This means search engines prefer brochure websites to static websites. It's not all bad news for static websites, on some occasions, a static website is preferable and as such we offer a static website design service.

Why Should You Choose Advansys?

We understand how important it is for you to have a unique space online that represents your business. Look at Waterfields Bakers and Advanced Waste Solutions, whilst both being two brochure websites and both being designed by Advansys, they look completely different. We take the time to listen to your business, understanding your needs and desires and designing a website that looks beautiful and reflects your business' ethos.

We also offer a wide range of digital marketing services such as SEO,PPC and email marketing. We understand that your website needs these marketing tools to attract customers and as such we design your website to allow them to integrate seamlessly, providing you with a fantastic way to generate traffic and your users with a fantastic user experience.

Make Your Website Responsive

We design responsive websites. It is very important that your website can run on mobile devices because Over half of allGoogle searches are searched from a mobile device and 76% of Smartphone searches for a local product/service result in a visit/purchase within a day.

If your website is not responsive, you're missing out on a lot of traffic. If you're concerned that your current website isn't responsive, Google released this free tool to tell you if your website is responsive or not.

Just think, now over 50% of searches are mobile, what will that climb to in the future? Have you thought about 2017 and what you need to do in order toprepare for the future? Will Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality snowball in popularity? We've all heard of the success of the Augmented Reality videogame Pokémon Go, who knows what the future holds? Possibly an Augmented Reality map, which shows reviews of businesses as you walk past them or something completely different will come along and revolutionise our lives, just has the Smartphone has done in the past few years.

Support When You Need It Most

At Advansys, you don't just get a great looking website. You get support when it matters most. If you opt for one of our support packages, we'll regularly back up your website, giving us a copy of the most up-to-date version. This gives us the ability to quickly and effectively fix any errors which may occur.

Bugs and errors can seem to appear at random without warning; it is great peace of mind knowing that a support team of experts are ready to help. Our standard service also includes minor changes. This ranges from small design changes to changes to the code. Many of our customers are very happy with our support service; it gives them peace of mind knowing that if they encounter any issues, they will be fixed quickly.

Call Advansys Today For A Beautiful Brochure Website

No matter what your business does, if you carry out renovations or if you provide impartial mortgage and insurance advice we can build you a beautiful brochure website.

Thanks to having over twenty years of experience, our websites don't simply just look beautiful. They are fast loading and responsive. If you're interested in a beautiful brochure website, contact Advansys today on 0845 838 2700, our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm. If you'd prefer the personal touch, why not call us and arrange an appointment? Our head office is in the centre of the UK's tech hub, Wokingham.

Alternatively if you'd prefer to discuss our services via email you could send us an email at sales@advansys.com and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as they can.

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

You are always welcome to visit us in our Wokingham office or you can also call us on 0118 380 0201 and drop us a message via our the website.

We'd love to show you how you can get more web traffic and leads, increase your online sales, provide better customer service & grow online.

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